• About Us

    Under the leadership of the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the educational sector has been growing bridely throughout the country. The needs of special education, professional skills, research, and capacity building in higher education are the essential factor in the movement of globalization, market competition, especially it’s interconnected with scientific and technological development that’s growing forward. To respond to the needs as mentioned above, the Instinct Institutes has proposed a policy to lead students towards higher specialization, quality, and virtuous work capacity to contribute to social development in line with the current globalization and competitiveness of the free market economy.

  • To achieve the above goals, the Instinct Institutes has focused on promoting the development and quality of three basic factors which included: the management structure of the intellectual resources, and the qualifications of students.

  • Regarding the management structure, the Instinct Institute has paid attention to strengthening the capacity and quality of leaders at all levels so that everyone can accept the principles, implement tasks with responsibility, high commitment, and accept the consensus evaluations and recommendations from professors, students, parents, and companies. The Institute has organized a credited curriculum that responds to the Cambodian social context in line with international standards, with more study hours, including foreign languages and technology in all subjects. Moreover, the institute has installed sufficient study materials in line with the development of modern technology and pedagogy.

  • The institute selected highly qualified professors (education level, work experience, pedagogy in transferring knowledge to students), have specific specialties, and adhere to the highest professional ethics. The institute will encourage all professors to increase their research skills and publish curriculum books to make it easier for students to study and research.

  • Providing quality education is inseparable between management and disciplines. The Institute highly motivates students to be disciplined in their study, we encourage them to put their effort, implement academic tasks, practice group-study, and do research. At the end of the year, the institute will cooperate with organizations and companies to explore places for students for internships opportunities to develop their skills and experience so that they can plan their future lives and become good citizens in society. The institute is optimistic about the strategy to contribute to human resource development, national development, and national identity.

  • A. School Visions

    Our Visions “Be the most recognized professional technological training partners in Cambodia”

    • 1. Improve ICT literacy to local people in the operating country
    • 2. Produce ICT human resource by equipping our students with the selective professional training and technical experience, allowing them to deliver exceptional quality of work performance to the organization in public and private sector.
  • B. School Missions

    Our Missions build a professional training institution that support businesses and organizations in public and private sectors from the ICT& Graphic Design, Digital human resource development angle.

  • C. Motto

    Knowledge is the Instinct Institute’s duty in training competent human resources, high quality, virtue, self-confident, behavior, and responsibility.

    Experience is the value of students who received the knowledge or skill from the performance and to be participate in events or mission which something that society appointed as a great value on the field of capacity building development.

    Quality is a value that society appointed as great value on the field of human resource capacity building.

  • D. Philosophy

    To be contribute on the human resource capability development in the era of competition through integration, synthesis, knowledge, theory, skill, and experience are mixed up in order to create an effective solution in the context of modernizing on the field of information technology for the main mission of human resource capacity building in Cambodia.